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Description of Our Mission


Our library provides the citizens of Kiskunfélegyháza and its area with the availability of information required for culture, sophistication, education and entertainment with the help of its documents and services.

Our assignments are:

  • transferring the cultural goods being in our possession so far
  • providing free access to documents and information
  • giving residents various services: documents and information (printed and electronic) as well as communal and specific (eg. EU, trans-borders, audio books, NAVA)
  • operating as an electronic library next to keeping the roles of our traditional services
  • achieving to make the library a third life scene of people next to their homes and workplaces
  • cherishing our local history reasonably in specific ways
  • taking our readers’ suggestions into consideration, examining users’ habits and accordingly modifying or expanding the library’s services
  • accomplishing our mission as a prepared, dedicated and popular institution, with the help of our systematically enriched catalogue, modern technical equipment, skilled staff and services satisfying our costumers’ needs.

The city library intends to participate more actively in the area and actions of local education and culture next to its role of being a cultural collection of documents. At the same time it is going to be the cultural centre of the area.



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