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Tenders we won:

TÁMOP 3.2.4.A -11/1-2012-0061 “Tudástárépítés Kiskunfélegyházán. A könyv – társ avagy aki olvas, soha nincs egyedül”


Given support: 47 563 608 HUF
Starting date of Execution of Project: 1 January 2013
Finishing date of Execution of Project: 28 February 2014

Technical Execution:

By the allowance of the tender, we are organising programs applying interactive educational methods, competitions and event that are promoting the use of libraries and reading. We are creating a database that supports education and upload records to the national registry by exploring local documents. We are making a 24-hour-available interactive website, expanded by a multilingual, cultural and public database. The tender also enables the improvement of the culture of reading and experience-based programs to make the use of libraries more interesting as well as the further training of one more member of staff, organising summer camps and buying new furniture.