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Inter-library Borrowing


Goal of Service:


to make particular documents accessible that are not available in Sándor Petőfi City Library.

Process of Service:

  • this service is available for our registered readers only
  • a thoroughly filled in form of requiring is necessary
  • it is possible to ask for original documents, photocopies, electronic documents
  • costs of delivery and copying may occur
  • the whole process of such borrowings is normally 1-3 weeks.

Costs of Service:

The cost of delivering back documents to other libraries must be paid by the reader. The cost depends on the actual table of prices determined by the delivering post office and on the possible fees the sender library may add in connection to the treatment of their documents (eg. emergency delivery, primary delivery etc.).

The costs of delivery will be paid by the reader after having received the receipt and after the required document has arrived to our library. We let the reader know when that happens.

In case of photocopies the reader must pay for the delivery as well as the cost of copying determined by the other library.

In case of electronic (scanned) documents the reader must pay for the other library’s possible costs of scanning as well as our library’s costs of printing.

After every inter-library borrowing the reader receives a receipt about the costs of services.

Should the borrowed document be lost or damaged the reader must pay its price to the other library.

Do not hesitate to contact us and use our services.



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