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Use of Internet and Media

  1. Users may get access to the Internet on twelve computers in our library.

    Next to a valid registration in the library, an additional price must be paid for using the Internet. Its price is 1000 HUF for one year and 500 HUF for 6 months. The price of occasional use of the Internet is 200 HUF for every half an hour.

    Readers can only use the Internet with their own library ticket.

    Primary school students may use the Internet in the children’s library for free but in the Internet room they also have to pay a price. Children under the age of 10 may only use the Internet under the supervision of a parent.
  2. One can only use the computers after signing in at one of our librarians by showing them a valid library ticket.

    Time restriction and regulation of access:

    A számítógépek előzetes bejelentkezés alapján vehetők igénybe. Tanulásra, szövegszerkesztésre folyamatosan 2 óra időtartamra használhatók.

    Booking a computer is allowed two times a week for 60 minutes each. One must occupy the booked computer within 15 minutes. After that we hand the computer over to the next user if there is one. Unoccupied computers may be used without any booking – in the order of arrivals.

    One can spend at most 6 hours a week using computers and the Internet.

    Beyond that period one must pay an additional price for using them which is 200 HUF per every half an hour.

    Children under the age of 14 can spend at most 5 hours a week using computers and the Internet.

    One computer can be occupied by only one user at a time.
    Exceptions can only be made with the allowance of a librarian.
  3. Costs of printing from computers:

    only-text pages: 25 HUF each. A/4 images: 100 HUF each. Colour printing: 200 HUF per A/4 page. Scanning: 100 HUF per page.

    One can only print with the allowance of a librarian. One must pay a price after every printed page.

  4. One may use any of their own CDs, DVDs, USB drives, computer programmes (at their own responsibility).

    The computer database of the library and the DVDs of the digital journals cannot be borrowed. Older issues of digital journals can be borrowed for one week.

  5. The library takes responsibility for the copyright of the programmes installed by the library only.

    The basic settings, programmes and system of the computers must not be changed. If so, the user will be banned from the library.

    By using our computers one must not violate any law or regulation and must not put the library’s computer system in jeopardy. Any damage caused in or by the computers must be compensated by the user.

    Users must let the librarians know about any defects or breakdowns (eg. a programme does not start or the computer freezes).
  6. Every data one would like to keep must be saved in Drive D:, otherwise they will be lost after restarting the computer. Saved data are public and freely available for every user therefore they can be edited or deleted as well. The domain of the library is allowed decide to delete the contents of Drive D: any time.
  7. Users must not visit websites that are insulting or obscene (eg. websites about pornography). If so, they will be banned from the library.
  8. The use of the Internet is happening on the premises of the library therefore users must be silent and behave themselves.
  9. Breaking the rules or behaving inappropriately will result in being banned from using the computers. Depending on the damage made, further actions can be also taken towards troublemakers.
  10. The library has the right to restrict and filter the Internet access.

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