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Reading on Spot and Borrowing:

What our registered or ticket-buying readers may use on spot:

  • the catalogue of our reference and informational library, lexicons, dictionaries and monographs of several sciences
  • our literature catalogue, summaries and analysis of compulsory readings

Our registered readers may borrow:

  • most of our catalogue (with a determined deadline)
  • the catalogue of the European Information Sub-system (more than 300 documents eg. specialised textbooks, CDs, VHS etc.)

Information service:

  • we offer our help in searching for information and data
  • you can ask for special documents for any topics in order to write your thesis or dissertation

The library’s silent “workroom”:

  • suitable for a pleasant reading, spending value time
  • relaxing circumstances for those who would like to learn
  • a place for doing deeper researches

Our valuable books:

  • Pallas Lexicon, Révai Great Lexicon, Britannica Hungarica, Lexicon of Hungarian Ethnography, Lexicon of Arts, Lexicon of World Literature etc.
  • almanacs of statistics
  • arts albums
  • dictionaries
  • chronicles (Chronicle of Humanity, Chronicle of the Earth, Chronicle of Medication, Chronicle of Technology, Chronicle of Sports, Chronicle of the Hungarian, Chronicle of World History, Chronicle of Film etc.)
  • atlases (Atlas of the Christian World, Atlas of the Islamic World, Atlas China, Atlas of Japan, Atlas of India, Atlas of Africa etc.)

Useful links and databases:

MATARKA - It is a searchable database of Hungarian journals’ contents.

Humanus - Its function is to make bibliographical data of Hungarian-related researches and articles of human sciences available from the beginning to nowadays.

IKER - Repertorium of Hungarian Periodicals - It is a bibliographic catalogue of sociology- and technology-related scientific articles handed in as copyright copies to Széchényi National Library since 1993. It deals with specialist periodicals on science, literature and arts as well as almanacs and national journals.

Electronic Periodicals’ Archive - Its function is to keep a record of Hungarian-related electronic periodicals and to archive particular issues like a library.

Database of Contemporary Literature (KIA) - It is basically a central database which gives lexical information of the active authors of contemporary Hungarian literature.

LibInfo - It is an online informational service of Hungarian libraries which helps to get hold of difficultly retrievable information.

Magyarorszá, Law Search - It is a governmental portal where one can search laws and rules.

Online PhonebookSearch portal for finding people and companies, as well as maps, route designer and telephone number retrieving.

Hungarian Digital Viewfinder - Its catalogue contains the images held in Széchényi National Library, Hungarian or Hungarian-related codices held in various collections, photographs related to local history, postcards, posters and numerous other forms of images or imagery documents (eg. manuscripts).

Digital Archive of Images - This website had been a project of the National Electronic Library which was founded to store imagery documents.

National Electronic Library (MEK) - In MEK one can only find Hungarian or Hungarian-related documents made for scientific, educational or cultural purposes: primarily written works and some maps and musical scores. There is also a collection of electronic newspapers and journals as well as other sources of information, services and documents that may be interesting library-wise. - It is about thoughts and inspirations and it gives an opportunity to get access to six million digital documents: images such as paintings, drawings, maps and photographs taken of objects in museums; texts such as books, journals, letters, diaries and archives; audios such as music and speeches recorded on wax tapes, cassettes, discs or broadcasted in radio programmes; videos such as films, news and radio shows.

Interkö - One can get access to actual and classical specialist books,
advanced workbooks in electrical form (pdf format). The texts can be bought as a whole (3,5 HUF per page) or by chapters (4 HUF per page) and they can also be printed legally one time. The project now contains more than 130 volumes, some of which are not available on trade any more.

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