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Welcome to our new website as well as in the Children’s Library.

Approximately ten thousand books are waiting for you in the Children’s Library’s loaning and reading room, the Babies’ nook and the Teenagers’ corner.

Books help to find out secrets, solving tasks of your homework, contests or competitions. You can look into topics you are interested in for a long time and you can spend your spare time entertaining.

During our playful programmes you can get to know the library, our books as well as the world around you. You can also participate in group activities, library classes, watch slideshows and films.

According to interest we also organise clubs, exhibitions, contests and tender by which you can win wonderful prices!

You can get membership on the ground floor at the registration desk.

With your library ticket you can borrow books, newspapers, slides, VHS, DVD.

We are looking forward to meeting you:

Matild Dobos and Szilvia Czibolya